Social Work Between Discipline and Profesion, A Historical Case Study

Autor: Piotr Salustowicz
Rok: 2012
Miejsce: Bielefeld
ISBN: 938-83-933603-3-8 print
Cena: 7€/28PLN
Dostępność: tak


The process of modernisation which began in 1960s in West German society in order to secure mass loyalty, particularly the development of the welfare state, demanded an increasing number of trained personnel. In order to secure a quantitatively greater output of trained social workers and social pedagogues, increasing the professional appeal - through the academic education and the associated professionalisation - seemed to be the strategy with the best prospects. If this assumption is correct, then my thesis is that the transfer of social work education to the tertiary sector was an expression of an increasing professionalisation, but that neither the functional needs, in the sense of increasing requirements for professional knowledge, not the collective striving for upward mobility in this field, were the real causes of these changes in the education sector. They were simply accompaniments and forms of legitimation for a politically-driven modernisation process ..(Author).